Data that interests me is a project where i want to explore data that interests me, documenting my journey learning Tableau and blogging about my thoughts and findings. The posts will be spliced into three strands:

  1. Data 24/7
  2. Data 9-5 #VisualisingHE
  3. #MakeOverMonday

Data 24/7 – will include any data i find interesting and hope others may find interesting too. Even if you don’t find the topic interesting, hopefully the process in which I went about gaining insight will…. topics on my to do list are; fitness (strava, Fitbit), music, transport and energy.

Data 9-5 – will be particularly focused on Data about U.K. Higher education and will mainly be sourced from standard public HESA performance indicators. Whilst it’s great that HESA publish data sets for us to utilise, for most people the excel tables do little more than present a wall of numbers. This series of posts will present visualisations of the data that hopefully provides a little more insight to the sectors performance indicators than currently available. In each viz i aim to learn a little more about Tableau and will focus on explaining a little bit about how I approached each dashboard.

#MakeOverMonday – well if you are interested in visualising data and anything in anyway tangentially  linked to Tableau then you will have heard of the weekly social data project makeovermonday  (if not, where have you been?). Whilst I never set out to have a go at remaking / rehashing the original every week, some data interests me more than others. When it does and i think I have an idea of how I would like to visualise the dataset, then I’ll post my attempt with a little description of how I went about it.

Hope to start publishing some content soon…..

Please let me know if you like this idea, encouragement will certainly spur me on to share some of my 24/7 love for data, Tableau and knowing a little more than I did before doing nothing!

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