Data 24/7 | Norfolk TOP100 Companies in Norfolk and Suffolk

Simple and clean is sometimes all that is needed…..

I don’t really have a lot to say about this Tableau Viz to be honest. Its simple, clean and quite informative, it doesn’t really break any design boundaries or utilize any fancy Tableau tricks. Sometimes you don’t need to go all out, I was just looking to visualize the TOP100 companies in Norfolk and Suffolk published on the EDP (Eastern Daily Press) website to understand “who might just be worth approaching in little old Norfolk”… 

The original EDP publication is just a ranking table, useful I suppose, but i thought i could make it a little more useful and interactive using the power of Tableau.

The data set

  • Rank
  • Company
  • Sector
  • Turnover
  • Pre tax profit
  • Staff

I added the postcode of the company HQ to bring some mapping context, but little else to be honest, i don’t think it needs it. I could have compiled the company URLs so that you could click through to glean more insight, and that might be a nice touch at some point, but my intentions were to make a little more sense of the data used to compile the rankings with little extra leg work.

The Viz

This dashboard allows the user to filter what rankings are being shown, i thought this was useful to make sense of the locations and sectors appearing in the data set. you can then click on the sector in the headline summary bar chart to filter down the companies within the chosen sector.

Potentially useul tips on how the Viz was built

Colour pallet – Whilst the colour ways aren’t the most appealing, i decided to keep it in line with the original. To do this, make use of the ‘pick a screen colour’ option now available in the colour pallet, this way you can get the exact colours used in the original. Here’s a nice link to a dataschool post which shows you how.

URL links – Getting your viz to present an active URL, requires a few small workarounds. First i clipped an image of the header and URL text, then inserted it into the dashboard. Right click the image and ‘insert URL’. This way when you click the space where the URL resides it goes straight to the web link.

Dashboard Actions – Finally just a few dashboard actions help the viz hang together a bit better, by firstly making sure the individual worksheets on the viz are linked when applying filters (ranking and sector), but also a ‘highlight’ action, just so that it helps guide your eyes around the components a little better.

here’s the dashboard



To have a play with the interactive viz please take a look on Tableau Public here: Top100

Just a little fun and keeping it simple


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