Data 24-7 | Going public | STRAVA run stats

The issue

How to get run fit, and achieve your goals?


I fess up, I read some of those posts… you know… those posts……the ones about achieving your goals. To paraphrase the waffle:

“Write it down, you have a slightly better chance of achieving it, better still have a plan”

Right ok, so Make it real… Apparently people who don’t write down their goals tend to fail easier than the ones who have plans.

In Tableau English that’s:

If you have a goal, viz it up, if you don’t viz it up, you don’t have a goal – you have a wish!

Making it real – going public with the goal, plan and progress

The Goal

  • Get race fit by end of JUNE 2017

The Plan

  • Get off your ass
  • Run more miles
  • Track your progress (viz it up in Tableau via the information labs strava web data connector)
  • crowd source training tips (twitter)
  • Go public with it – this should help me stick to it. Announcing my goal to more than my wife and kids, might just spur me on to try a little bit harder.

The progress

STRAVA run stats_MAR

View interactive viz on Tableau: Strava run stats

Current issues identified:

  • I don’t do enough runs per week (5 in March is not enough), i need to be running at least 3 x per week (see crowd sourced tips), therefore i need to get out during the week AND at the weekend (mainly Sundays it appears):

run days

Other key tips sourced:

  • Build up gradually – average distance per month is going up nicely – Tick,
  • As too is the average length of run (obviously) – Tick
  • Maintain pace – Tick

Follow my progress in a monthly update and see if my hypothesis holds true?

Does going public help me to achieve my goals






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