Data 9-5 | Just got help!

Data 9-5 just got help!

Whilst the ambition to viz and blog data 24-7, data 9-5 and makeovermonday is strong, time is not on my side…..

Therefore, having floated the concept of visualising higher education open data through Tableau with my good friend Dave Kirk (whom is the other half of the tableau darktwo blokes who found some interesting ways of doing things, and thought it would be good to share). A blog where we share our experiences of administering and launching a Tableau server environment. We decided that joining forces was the way to make this project on visualising HE happen. Dave also had some great contacts in HE based in the midlands (Elena and Stephen), so we hooked up at a TUG midlands meeting and formally launched VisualisingHE (twitter: #VisualisingHE)

If you would like to follow our explorations visualising HE using open data please follow our blog VisualisingHE.


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